The base of this idea comes from all the flaws
in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)

What is the EU ETS

The EU ETS is a trading system in which the 11.000 largest emitting companies of the EU are monitored and given a limit of emissions they can produce. When a company is running short on allowances, they can buy some extra from other companies who are not exceeding their limits. In this way this is supposed to result in a market gap which gives CO2 emissions a price.
The higher this price, the more it costs to emit lots of greenhouse gases.

We buy these allowances and destroy them by printing them on hoodies. For every hoodie you buy we eliminate 1000KG of CO2eq emission allowance.

You can call to #withdrawTheCap or you can start helping #WithdrawingTheCap.

Would you like to learn some more about the EU ETS. Click this link.

Are our sweaters produced from organic fabric in a 100% sustainable way.

No... Well at least not yet. We are trying our very best to become a completely 'green' sweater and be mindful of every step in the production process. However, our main mission was to get all of your attention for this EU ETS system, and boy did we get your attention! Our sweater still destroys 1000KG's of CO2 per sweater, so our carbon footprint per sweater is still negative at around -995 KG's. We are currently trying our very best to have all the sweaters delivered to you on time, but since the amount of orders is exploding, we are asking you to bear with us for now as we are shipping all the orders in 4-5 weeks. Thank you all for this massive support, and let's keep going!