But the textile industry is one of these large companies, isn’t this hypocrite ?

Sure, these companies are part of the problem and it surely doesn’t help to buy even more hoodies. But everybody needs clothes, so then it better be a hoodie with a purpose. Also, for us, the message is way more important. That is why we compensate the Carbon Footprint of these hoodies.

One KG of Textile is responsible of 12,5KG CO2 emissions, so when we take 1000KG out of the system and print it on these 400G hoodies, the carbon footprint is 5KG per hoodie. For every 200 hoodies we have bought an extra allowance, which allows us to compensate these 5KG carbon footprint per hoodie.

Also interested in this way of compensating your products? contact us or see our Collaboration page! We can calculate your carbon footprint per product and add our logo to your products if you make them carbon neutral.


Isn’t this just scaring off EU companies to other sides of the world?

    1. Nope, the EU is considering a CO2 tax on products from out of the EU, so these products also become more expensive related to their emissions.
    2. There are already more trading systems worldwide: "National or regional systems are already operating in China, South Korea, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States." 


Why does the price changes every now and then? 

The price of the products is based on the price of an allowance. Every time we buy and destroy allowances the price is based on the price of the allowance on that moment. 

Are our sweaters produced from organic fabric in a 100% sustainable way.

No... Well at least not yet. We are trying our very best to become a completely 'green' sweater and be mindful of every step in the production process. However, our main mission was to get all of your attention for this EU ETS system, and boy did we get your attention! Our sweater still destroys 1000KG's of CO2 per sweater, so our carbon footprint per sweater is still negative at around -995 KG's.

My sweater isn't delivered yet, what is happening?

We are currently trying our very best to have all the sweaters delivered to you on time, but since the amount of orders is exploding, we are asking you to bear with us for now as we are shipping all the orders in 4-5 weeks. Thank you all for this massive support, and let's keep going!