Q: Is it hypocritical to buy hoodies from the textile industry, one of the largest polluters?

A: While the textile industry is indeed a major contributor to carbon emissions, everyone needs clothes. That's why we offer hoodies with a purpose and compensate for their carbon footprint. We print 1000KG of CO2 emissions onto each hoodie, which has a carbon footprint of only 5KG per hoodie. For every 200 hoodies we sell, we buy an extra allowance to compensate for the carbon footprint of each hoodie.

Our hoodies are not only carbon neutral, but also ethically made with the Fairware certification, Peta approved Vegan, and Oeko Tex standard 100, ensuring sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

Q: Will the EU carbon tax drive companies to relocate outside the EU?

A: No, the EU is considering a carbon tax on imported products to account for their carbon emissions. Other trading systems are already in place around the world, including China, South Korea, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States.

Q: Why does the price of the hoodie change?

A: The price of the hoodie is based on the price of the carbon allowance, which fluctuates based on market conditions. When we buy and destroy allowances, we base the price of the hoodie on the cost of the allowance at that time.

Q: Are the hoodies made from organic fabric in a sustainable way?

A: We are striving to become a completely sustainable company and are mindful of every step in the production process. While our hoodies are not currently produced from organic fabric, they still have a negative carbon footprint of around -995KG per hoodie, as we compensate for their carbon emissions.

Q: Why hasn't my hoodie arrived yet?

A: Due to the overwhelming demand, we are experiencing delays in shipping. We are doing our best to deliver all hoodies within 3-4 days, and we appreciate your patience and support.